Ancient Crayon Article Breakdown and Haltman Passage Paraphrase

Ancient Crayon Article Breakdown:                                                                                              a) What is this article about?
It is about an object that archaeologists believe to be an “ancient crayon” that was found in the bed of a dried-out lake in the area of Flixton School House Farm.

b) What is interesting or problematic about the article?                                               What is interesting about this text is that they are interpreting that the Mesolithic settlers on the shore of Yorkshire had a form of art because they believe the discovered object to be a crayon.

c) What questions does the article inspire for you?                                                         It makes me wonder if there were sophisticated forms of art, a universal standing for each other’s art, or if they used this tool for a written language and/or symbols?

d) Notice the metadata.                                                                                                                             i.) What does it do?                                                                                                                      It helps go into detail about this object and prompts the reader to raise questions and interested to learn more.


Link to article:

Haltman Passage Paraphrase:                                                                                                         i believe this passage means that the aspects of a culture that are more emotional and psychological are more apparent than the physical aspect that is interpreted by others.

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