Conventions of the Book & Blog Genre

The differences I noticed between the Haltman text and Other Sociologist blog were:

  • black and white (HT)
  • colorful (OS)
  • blocky, “sterile”, “official” font (HT)
  • creative, unique font (OS)
  • pictures (OS)
  • links and hyperlinks (OS)
  • chapter name, author, and page number (each page) (HT)
  • specific lexicon (HT)
  • linguistic text (HT)
  • constant updates (OS)
  • posts, pages/menus (OS)
  • older community (HT)
  • younger community (OS)
  • different fonts and font sizes (OS)
  • page layout
  • editors/authors
  • publisher intro
  • title and subtitle location

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