My Thesis Explained

Thesis: The gay club scene, more notably in the 80’s and 90’s, played a controversial role in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


1.) The gay club scene is embodied in my quilt with a physical disco shirt that represent the individual’s favorite shirt.

2.) It addressed HIV/AIDS by revealing the nightlife of gay men and how the drugs they used played an important role in transmission among the rest of society.

3.) It is surprising because the gay club scene was initially used as a hub for gay men to connect with one another on a social level but also turned out to be a concentration of psychoactive drugs.

4.) It is controversial because among the gay community, the club acted as therapy or a support team for the oppression of their sexual orientation in society.

5.) This role is different now because HIV/AIDS isn’t just a majority epidemic among gay men but has spread throughout many other parts of society. The gay club scene is also not as intense on drugs as they used to be 20-30 years ago.

6.) The gay club scene was seen as a controversial thing because it was a safe haven for those gay men that had been cast out by their friends, families, and/or loved ones. On the other hand, it was a heavy market for psychoactive drugs, mainly meth, that allowed the drug to spread undetected and among many other social groups within society.

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